Reviews and Quotes

This page contains reviews and quotes about Richard for the following roles:

"Especially sparkling - undoubted expertise"
The Times

"Brilliant versatile virtuousity"
Herald Insight, India

"Joyful, exhilarating, full of the energy of of a lively dance, requiring great skill and concentration from both soloists and orchestra - Richard Ingham and Mary McCarthy were excellent"
St Andrews Citizen

"Richard Ingham demonstrated his affinity with the collage of modernity, and illustrated pibroch and Celtic strains with no less immaculate delivery....Richard is always totally in command, still able to produce lyricism at any level throughout the range."
Clarinet and Saxophone

"Clearly they can play anything - excellent musicians"
Musical Times

"The quartet goes through its paces flawlessly"
Saxophone Journal, USA

"A group of remarkable sensitivity"
Yorkshire Post

"Kilairum were slick showstoppers in their own right"
The Scotsman

"Richard Ingham showed how he could blow saxophone tone into the sound world of clarsachs"
The Herald

"Richard Ingham and Mary McCarthy's sensitivity and love of the music comes across in their playing...great ensemble awareness as well as skilful control of their instruments...haunting melodies are beautifully shaped and well balanced"
Clarinet and Saxophone

"The poetry and jazz wowed us all out...a brilliant contribution to the poetry weekend."
Callander Poetry Festival


"If anything can be said to have a 'WOW' factor, then massed saxophones fit the bill, especially when presented with imagination and musicality by the National Saxophone Choir, amassed from far and wide. A shock tactic first entry for Bach's Toccata set the scene for a matchless evening. Bach would surely have approved, especially of subterranean depths from the monster contrabass sax. The first half tantalised with a tautly rhythmical lively reel, a fun Crazy Rag containing splendid solo spots, contrasting with subtly haunting lyricism in Piazzolla's Oblivion. Clever arrangements, many by the group's founder Nigel Wood, frequently emulated orchestral grandeur and magnificent organ sonorities. Conductor Richard Ingham did justice to Elgar's Nimrod sentimentality."
Birmingham Post

"Expertly directed by their principal guest conductor, Richard Ingham, the ensemble showed versatility from the start, with an arrangement by Nigel Wood of the famous Bach organ Toccata, followed immediately by Mrs Malcolm, Her Reel (Funky Freuchie), a fast-paced reel by Richard Ingham, full of bass riffs with attitude.....The ensemble performed with precision and conviction throughout."
Clarinet and Saxophone


"The combination of solo instruments and orchestra led to marvellous textures...Ingham's beautiful soprano saxophone distinct and soaring...the third movement was excellent, an energetic sort of Gaelic bothy band medley that seemed simply relentless"
Dundee Courier

"Richard Ingham's Double Concerto for saxophone, accordion, strings and percussion was commissioned by Gillain Craig with funds made available by the Scottish Arts Council. The combination of instruments may be unusual but the resulting composition more than justifies its creation. In Evening in Hyderabad, the soloists and orchestra seem initially to be at odds with each other but they create a complete picture of the energetic hustle and bustle of a busy and, to us, exotic city. There is a strong sense of drive which underlines the musical structure. The second movement, Torridon Levels, is most evocative and colourful with very imaginative use made of the tuned percussion instruments. The final movement, Return to Kingsbarns, is joyful, exhilarating, full of the energy of a lively dance, requiring great skill from both soloists and orchestra. This is a new work which deserves to be taken into the repertoire of other orchestras."
Bela Simandi

"In the sma scale grandness o St Andrews Pairlament Ha, a warld premiere wis hauden o Drift o Rain on Moorland Stane. It wis gien an innin in croose Scots bi StAnza's Drew Clegg. This suite haed been commissioned bi the Music Centre o the University o St Andrews. Richard Ingham, a visitin jazz professor, haed a chance meetin wi Aimée Chalmers, editor o The Singin Lass, bi Marion Angus. The ootcome o this wis the production o the suite written tae accompany 16 o Marion Angus' poems. The poems wis read bi Aimée Chalmers an the music played bi the Heisenberg Ensemble, directit bi Richard Ingham. As the music swee'd "in an aroond" the poems, the souch chynged tae chime wi the souch o the words. This reinged frae the discordant for The Stranger; strang, sudden even soonds like the pangs o emotion for Jealousy; slaw waltzing an chirrupin for the wistfu, ironic view o Spring's comin in Turn o the Day an the repeatin, triumphant blawin o "the hindmaist trumpet's blast" in The Lane Kirkyaird. The unique ongaun wis highly chairged. The effeck on the appreciative audience wis amazin, movin some tae tears. There's ettles tae record the piece."
Scots Tung

"Richard Ingham's Taj Mahal (Monument of Love) is a meditative movement incorporating harmonic, melodic and rhythmic elements of Indian music .A downwards-building cluster chord introduces a decorated, quasi improvisatory solo over a drone for Sally MacTaggart on soprano, assured and communicative. After a rhythmic section and tabla solo, the music cuts out leaving just the drone, then high pitched pianissimo chords creating an ethereal ending, shimmering and heat hazy like the building itself"
Clarinet and Saxophone


The Cambridge Companion to the Saxophone, ed Richard Ingham (Cambridge University Press, 1999)

"It has always been puzzling why, until now, there has been no comprehensive reference book for players, students and enthusiasts of the saxophone, so this publication is therefore of tremendous value. Richard Ingham has provided three individual chapters, among them a survey of jazz from the perspective of the saxophone, which is both fascinating and well indispensable reference source for all those with an interest in the instrument"
BBC Music Magazine

"Sax's principal legacy is well served in this Companion, whose authorship represents a glittering cross-section of the international saxophone community....The text will prove attractive to both the casual reader and saxophile, containing much academic detail in its compelling narrative. This Companion finely balances appraisals of virtuoso performers and saxophone repertory with penetrating advice on playing the instrument in a variety of contexts, including the recording studio. The book is handsomely produced, and enhanced by John Robert Brown's stylish pencil drawings of great personalities from the world of the saxophone. For anyone with even a passing interest in its subject, the Companion positively demands investigation."
The Times Literary Supplement

"This book manages one of the most difficult accomplishments in literature: to be at the same time entertaining, informative and scholarly...This may be the most complete narrative book on the saxophone available. For professional saxophonists who know the instrument well, it will be a great reminder of the many personalities of the saxophone and will show them some new information about each of those areas. For amateur saxophone lovers, this book will introduce a great collection of new information, presented at the highest level but easy to read."
Saxophone Journal, USA

"This is, by definition, a book for enthusiasts and connoisseurs written by highly experienced practitioners. It is clearly a major step forward in documenting the saxophone in all its aspects."
Music and Letters


"The course was fantastic...This is an excellent way to transfer from classical to jazz idiom"
ABRSM course participant

"The course was fabulous and I am determined to keep the momentum going on the jazz side. I'm very much looking forward to going on the intermediate course."
ABRSM course participant

"I thought this was a thoroughly worthwhile day and well worth the money. Our course leader was charming, put everyone at their ease really quickly and helped to demystify the whole jazz/improvisation myth. A very informative and enjoyable day."
ABRSM course participant

"How did sax maestro Richard Ingham and piano maestro Richard Michael, both of them internationally recognised jazz cognoscenti, find themselves stoking the jazz fires in one of Britain’s most remote outposts? What brought them here? What’s all the Big Noise?"
Music Teacher Magazine

"Just to let you know what a wonderful time we had with the Jazz workshop.
What a wonderful performance they and our pupils put on for everyone."

Primary Headteacher

"We found it really hard to stand still and not smile when you played some
funky jazz on the Saxophone and Piano"

P5 pupil

"A most memorable and excellent course with fantastic tutors."
St Andrews course student
"A brilliant course."
St Andrews course student
"A terrific course."
St Andrews course student
"Fun and truly inspirational."
St Andrews course student

"We have had such great feedback from those who took part saying how they enjoyed the day and how truly inspiring it was to work with you and hear you play."
Saxophone day course

"A huge thank you for such an inspirational session. I thoroughly enjoyed the second session, and found clarity in your demonstrations and explanations that I have not often met."
Saxophone in-service day

"Excellent, very interesting, inspirational, very well-delivered."
Illustrated lecture on compositions